Policies Committee

Mission: Identify and explore ways to change policies at the city, county, and Washington state level which contribute to the disproportionate police contact, incarceration, and sentencing of people of color.

Chair: Jac Archer

Contact:  jacdarcher@gmail.com


We are in an information gathering phase!

Send an an email to  jacdarcher@gmail.com using the subject line: Organization/Name SCAR Policy Input (Ex 1: NAACP SCAR Policy Input; Ex 2: Taylor Jones SCAR Policy Input).

  • If you are part of an advocacy group that addresses racial disparity

  • If you're an individual who just cares about social justice and ending systemic racism, and you have some ideas about policies that would help with this

Send an email to  jacdarcher@gmail.com using the subject line: Name Joining SCAR Policy (Ex: Morgan Smith Joining SCAR Policy)

  • If you are interested in participating in the Policy Committee

    • Researching successful policing/criminal justice models

    • Gathering and organizing information sent in by others

Feel free to write in with any questions or comments you have about the policy work SCAR is doing.