Racism in
Spokane, WA

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Our Mission is to identify and address racial disparities through a variety of community efforts which include education, advocacy, research, community engagement, policy impact, and challenges to the existing organizations and structures.

21+ Spokane Community Groups, statewide organizations, and national organizations have called for the Spokane Chief of Police to resign in light of recent conduct.

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Breakfast Program

Feeding people for free is a radical act because it centers the human being and meets a basic need without expectations or transactions. We’re here because we believe everyone deserves a more just, equitable, thoughtful, and human-centered world. We are here to experience—and share—a taste of what that world could feel like. We hope you enjoy your breakfast.

UPDATE: The Burritos for the People program ended in it’s initial form on August 27th, 2023 after not missing a single Sunday in over two years and serving nearly 30,000 burritos, due to downtown political pressure applied against CAT, blaming the program for bringing homeless to the area. We’re saddened by this and figuring out our next steps. When there is a need, ending services is not an answer, bringing more services to bear is the mark of a compassionate society.

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