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Being a member of Spokane Community Against Racism (SCAR) may be a fulfilling and meaningful experience for those who are passionate about promoting racial equality and justice. Members of SCAR participate in activism and advocacy work aimed at addressing and combating racism and promoting racial justice. Our network is shared amongst those whom share similar values and goals, and build meaningful relationships with the community. Becoming a member allows you to attend events, workshops, and training sessions aimed at educating and empowering individuals to take action against racism. Contribute to and shape the mission and goals of the organization through your participation and feedback. Gain a sense of community and be part of a larger movement working towards a common cause!

Becoming a member of Spokane Community Against Racism allows you to support the work of holding Spokane’s systems accountable. We want to remain a community driven and supported organization so that we are held accountable to the community that we serve.

To become a member, make a $25 donation for the year, or a recurring $5 or more monthly donation.


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