Our Mission is to identify and address racial disparities through a variety of community efforts, which include education, advocacy, research, community engagement, impacting policy, and challenging existing organizations and structures.


SCAR was started on May 13th, 2017 after an appeal was made to the Spokane Community when (earlier in the week) a white man was found not guilty of shooting a black man in the back after claiming self-defense. All 12 jury members were also white.

SCAR was formed out of necessity. In order to understand why harassment, assaults and shootings continue to happen in our community, we must understand how things work in the police department, the sheriff's department, at the Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council and in the judicial system. We have sub-committees dedicated to SRLJC accountability, racial justice education, book clubs, and public events and communications.


SCAR is lead by a steering committee, and has a number of sub-committees that each focus on a different priority. General members include anyone who participates with our group in any capacity. If you'd like to get involved you can fill out our membership survey here

What We Do

Amplify the Voice of Community

Through our members, social media outlets, PR connections, community outreach, and relationships with other community organizations, we bring awareness and give a voice to those underrepresented. We are committed to disrupting the status quo and want to use our focused outrage to motivate action in our community. 



We consider the larger systems at play in and around Spokane, looking for root causes and connections regarding the issues we tackle. By working with deep thinkers, community leaders, and other like-minded organizations we attempt to provide cohesive direction when and where we can for the issues we face as a community. 

Watchdog (Conscience of Spokane)

We provide hearing and trial observation, and attend SRLJC meetings, City Council Meetings, and police ombudsman meetings to decide on how or if to respond to specific incidents. We then publish open letters and PR releases to ensure that things meriting our community's attention are not swept under the rug. 



We foster connections with like minded groups and provide support when and where we can for those organizations. 


Education (internal/external)

We often have educational speakers at our general meetings and work in many other ways to educate Spokane on a variety of issues that cause racial disparities in our community. 

How to Participate

Attend a General Meeting

When: Typically we meet quarterly on a Monday at 6:000pm. (The next meeting is always posted at the top of this website.)

Where: Morning Star Baptist Church located at 3909 W Rowan Ave, Spokane, WA. 


Attend an Event

All of our events are posted to our Facebook Page here.


If you'd like to get involved you can fill out our membership survey here