29,553 burritos served as of August 27, 2023.

Burritos for the People

UPDATE: The Burritos for the People program ended in it’s initial form on August 27th, 2023 after not missing a single Sunday in over two years and serving nearly 30,000 burritos, due to downtown political pressure applied against CAT, blaming the program for bringing homeless to the area. We’re saddened by this and figuring out our next steps. When there is a need, ending services is not an answer, bringing more services to bear is the mark of a compassionate society.
Everyone is Welcome!

THE MISSION: Feeding people for free is a radical act because it centers the human being and meets a basic need without expectations or transactions. We’re here because we believe everyone deserves a more just, equitable, thoughtful, and human-centered world. We are here to experience—and share—a taste of what that world could feel like. We hope you enjoy your breakfast.


Burritos for the People Sponsorship!

For $1,000 your business can sponsor a weekend of Burritos for the People and have an amazing team building experience.

This sponsorship covers:
● Food and supplies for one weekend
● 12 volunteer reservations for your staff
● Table sign with your company logo for that weekend
● Your business listed as a Burritos for the People sponsor on the SCAR website


Volunteers Needed

Join our Burritos for the People Street Team to help hand out our burritos for the people and make it a positive and engaging experience. Help us leave the area cleaner than when we arrived, pass out burritos, engage with the community, and serve the underserved.

Come on down any Sunday at 8:30 am to sign up for Burritos for the People at Compassionate Addiction Treatment(CAT) 168 S Division ST, 99202 to sign up.

Reach out to justice@scarspokane.org to get connected to the team!

Special Thanks: Many thanks to Compassionate Addiction Treatment(CAT) for the great consistent location, chef Tony Brown from Ruins for the delicious burritos, and our amazing hardworking volunteers for all that they do.