Introduction and Agenda—Pastor Kendricks

Potentially Endorsing Candidates—Pastor Kendricks

  • Issue of establishing a process
  • Opportunity of endorsing Dennis Cronin
  • Tabled until next month’s meeting

SRLJC—Pastor Kendricks and Sandy Williams

  • Data has no been made available to SCAR. A long discussion ensued, expressing our frustration at the many roadblocks and contradictory answers.
  • Autumn Reed will check source of data cited in the MacArthur grant application and/or Burns Institute report.
  •  SRLJC treated our open letter as a PRR (Public Records Request), which it was not. One implication for treating our letter as a PRR is the power play of threatening to charge us for making the data available.
  • Jacquie van Wormer declined to speak with us, since she is no longer the administrator.
  • Rick will ask  Superior Court Judge Maryann Moreno to speak at a SCAR meeting.
  • We need to prepare questions in advance of conversations with SRLJC members. We might publish our concerns or questions on our website. Our concerns relate to disparity in sentencing, bail setting, and prison time.

Website—Scott Mueller

  • Verbal summary
  • Members should complete Member Survey
  • Table demonstration until next month
  • Scott donated SCAR buttons—thank you Scott!

Students and Racial Equity—Nikki Lockwood

  • Superintendent’s workshop and NAACP impactful, especially with student presence. Superintendent announced the process will continue next year.
  • Alt Right recruiting in Spokane Valley, invite ?? to speak to community

Court Watch and Justice Support Actions—Rick Matters

  • Annemarie Frohnhoefer has resigned from SCAR and separated Court Watch from this organization, leaving SCAR with its Justice Support Actions. Here is her final report: “In an attempt to retain objectivity, the court watch will become a separate entity from SCAR. The court watch cannot endorse judicial candidates or any other candidate. If you are interested in signing up for court watch training, then please contact the Rev. Rick Matters. The Rev. Matters has agreed to act as a bridge between SCAR and the court watch. Justice Support Actions, such as trial, motion and hearing attendance for members of the community, will remain a part of SCAR. Curtis Hampton has volunteered to coordinate Justice Support Actions unless current leadership determines otherwise. As of this writing, the Political Action Team Committee Chair position is open. Thank you!”


  • UU raised money for bail fund, we were asked advice on where to send it.—Samantha
  • SCAR members were asked to sign initiative on health care, as well as to help gather signatures.—Dave
  • Friends of the Black Lens placed a bid on a building on Fifth Avenue, to serve as a cultural for African American heritage and a resource center for racial justice. If accepted, fundraising will begin immediately.—Sandy Williams