What is a county prosecutor?

The county prosecutor is a publicly elected attorney who investigates and prosecutes crimes on behalf of the people of Spokane County.


What kinds of decisions does the county prosecutor make?

The Spokane County Prosecutor’s office shapes the fate of thousands of Spokane County residents and their families. When choosing which criminal cases to prosecute, the county prosecutor decides what type of charges to press, who is eligible for non-jail sentencing options, and who can receive plea deals.

Depending on the charges county prosecutors choose, mandatory minimum jail sentences may prevent a judge from applying non-jail alternatives. Thus county prosecutors have the most control over how people are sentenced–and they control it before individuals ever get to trial.


What does the prosecutor’s office oversee?

The prosecutor’s office consists of civil, criminal and family law departments.

  • The Civil Department provides legal advice to the County’s elected officials and departments on legal matters. It also represents County elected officials and departments in lawsuits and other legal disputes.
  • The Criminal Department handles prosecution in district, superior, and juvenile courts. This includes major crimes, drug offenses, traffic crimes, and assaults.
  • The Family Law Department manages paternity cases, setting and enforcing of child support, and other domestic situations, as well as certain dissolution and bankruptcy cases.


Why does it matter?

In Spokane County, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, working class folks, and poor folks are often harmed when they are caught up in a court system they do not understand, or that treats them as more of a threat to public safety than people who are wealthier or whiter.

The county prosecutor must understand and embrace the weight and responsibility of this position. This person must understand the roles racial equity and accountability play in building a more just Spokane, and stand firm in their commitment to serving the whole Spokane County community in both their professional and personal lives.


Oh, we’re voting on this? When is that?

The Spokane County Prosecutor seat is on the ballot every four years. This is the year! The election is on Nov. 8, 2022. Ballots can be dropped off at any ballot drop box or sent in by mail (no stamp required).

List of Location to drop off Ballot


Not registered?

Register to vote online, by mail, or in person at the Spokane County Elections Office, 1033 W. Gardner Ave. Online and mail registrations must be received by Oct. 31. In-person registration deadline is Nov. 8 at 8 p.m.


How can I find out who I might want to vote for?

  • Find SCAR’s endorsement of Deb Conklin here.

  • Check out candidate answers to the Smart Justice Spokane and SCAR Platform for Change Coalition questionnaire here.

  • Find information from the Progressive Voters’ Guide here.

  • Read about incumbent Prosecutor Larry Haskell and his dangerous record here.

Racial Discrepancies Under Haskell