SRLJC Committee

Mission: SRLJC committee was formed to address the substantial impact that SRLJC members have on Spokane's criminal justice system and the need for there to be community input in their decision making process.

Chair: Sandy Williams



What is the committee focused on?
The committee is focused on reducing racial disparities in Spokane's criminal justice system. 

What does the committee do?
Committee members attend SRLJC meetings, when possible, to represent the community and report back to SCAR. Additionally, members write letters, submit public records requests, particpate in sub-committees and strategize about ways to make sure the community's voice is represented.

What current projects is the committee working on?
The committee's current focus is on the MacArthur Foundation Safety and Justice Challenge grant which brought nearly 2 million dollars into the Spokane community to reduce the jail population and the racial disparities in the jail. We have been fighting for transparency from the SRLJC about how the grant money has been spent, the impact of the grant, and data regarding the jail population.

How/when does the committee meet?
The committee does not currently meet, but updates are given during SCAR's monthly meetings, and committee members attend the SRLJC meeting(s) of their choice.

How does someone participate with the committee if they are interested?
Contact Sandy Williams to get more information about the SRLJC meetings and how to attend.

What does the committee need to be more effective?
Our goal is to have a committee member present at all SRLJC meetings so that we are able to monitor all SRLJC activity.

What does the committee hope to achieve?
Eliminate racial disparities in Spokane's criminal justice system. Reduce the jail population. Increase the decision making representation of people of color and criminal justice system impacted people throughout the SRLJC and its committees, including the Admin committee.