Update on the old East Central Library

Council votes unanimously on Resolution 2023-0001, establishing a specified process, timeline, and criteria for a request for information (RFI) from the community to lease the former East Central Library building located at 524 S. Stone Street in the East Central Neighborhood.


What Happened to the Old East Central Library?

Spokane’s Mayor Nadine Woodward without process, and without taking the opinions of Spokane City Council or those who live in East Central, moved a police precinct where Juneteenth is held.

“In June 2022, city officials interrupted the public consideration process to temporarily locate the Spokane Police Department in the previously vacant library space.” – (KHQ)


Rebuild East Central. Nothing About Us, Without Us!

Community Members respond to the overstepping of the Mayor’s Administration by forming the group Rebuild East Central led by Sandy Williams and Pat Hicks. Rebuild East Central rallied community members from East Central and asked that there be a transparent and due process for what happens to the old East Central Library and that the voices of the East Central Community be heard. “Nothing About Us, Without Us”.


Council Member Betsy Wilkerson

“We want to empower the East Central neighborhood to have a voice in what they would like in the old library space…Organizations expressed interest in that space months before the police moved in. The Mayor continues to speak of the businesses’ desires primarily located on the north side of I-90, but let’s hear from the people on the south side of the highway. With the sub-area planning taking place, the Landbridge design, and the anticipation of the North-South freeway, we should provide the community members of East Central with a holistic approach to the needs and desires of their neighborhood.” – Betsy Wilkerson


The Spokane City Council’s Equity Subcommittee will review responsive proposals to recommend to City Council which entities should be invited to present their proposals at a community open house based on at least these five equally weighted criteria:

  1. Reflects the cultural vibrancy of the East Central Neighborhood or fulfills essential services that are currently lacking in the neighborhood;

  2. Affordability of services for those residents;

  3. Prior experience serving the demographics of those residents; and,

  4. Financial sustainability outside of any new financial support from the City, including the ability to pay rent; and

  5. The global provision of social, justice, and safety services in the East Central Neighborhood, including policing services.

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